"Teaching that impacts is not head to head,
but heart to heart"

Howard G. Hendricks


What we do at Ecole Papillon & The Bat

A short and concise definition of what we are is a school of fun workshops and tutoring in English, French and Spanish for people aged 0-100.

Our company was conceived out of a desire to offer you an open, multi-disciplined space which is perfect to practise English and French through workshops. These workshops stimulate creativity and learning as well as enabling you to join, inspire and share your likes and interests with people of all ages.

Your children were, of course, at the forefront of our first thoughts. To decide what to offer them, we didn’t have to look for inspiration any further than our own children and what we discover hand in hand with our children on a daily basis. The aims of our venture, thus, are:

To reinforce the bilingual learning started in schools in an enjoyable way.

To resolve the main disputes: homework and studies. This is often made harder, especially in the case of English and French, due to the fact that parents do not speak these languages.

To create spaces where children of different ages can spend time together in a safe environment.

To offer fun activities that give our children new skills, awaken curiosity or simply entertain them and enable them to have fun in a quiet environment.

To deal with adolescence, teenagers and solving the problem of how to get closer to them.

For mums and dads: to establish a new circle of friends with similar worries who, as well as at the school gates, want to have somewhere else to let out their thoughts, find answers or escape from everything.

Grandparents, who play such a big part in our lives nowadays, and who keep surprising us with their ability to adapt and their desire to keep up with the technological world in which their grandchildren are being brought up.

Ecole Papillon & The Bat is here to make a dream come true, that of its founders, to offer spaces where learning and knowledge keep us close to and aware of the little details around us.


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